Trail Hiking

In addition to the winter activity of skiing, the summer months provide participants
an opportunity to Trek through the scenic Mountains of Central Montana.

Participants are guided on three days of separate hiking tours. These tours lead individuals along a variety of trails. Guides walk ahead of the hikers using a six-foot staff held by the guide and the skier to inform the hiker of changes in direction both sideways and up or down. The guide informs the hiker of rocks, roots, or branches to be aware of as they hike the trails. Hikes may be from 5 to 10 miles in length. Increase in altitude can be as much as 1,000 feet. Some trails are clear of rocks & roots but some are not. Hikers learn to listen to their guides and step around the obstacles.


These are the challenges blind or visually impaired hikers embrace. For the hikers and guides who have participated on this trek through the Montana countryside, the experience is rewarding. Each hiker is empowered by the ability to make their own decisions, based on their individual goals, while equally collaborating with others in a team environment. Aside from the hiking experience, the opportunity to get together, meet new friends and trade stories make the trip an exceptional occasion.