Cross Country Skiing

Ski for Light - The skiing is done on the Rendezvous Ski Trails system and is situated
at the southwest corner of West Yellowstone, about two blocks from the Holiday Inn hotel.

Ski applications will be available in December 2024


The trail system covers over 35 KM of varied terrain from gently rolling hills to more challenging climbs, descents, and turns. The view is always scenic whether winding through tall stands of lodgepole pine or open meadows embraced by nearby Lionhead Mountain.

Each blind or visually-impaired skier is matched with an experienced sighted cross-country skier for the entire three days of skiing. If you aren't familiar with how visually- and mobility- impaired people cross-country ski, it is done in tracks (or grooves) set in the snow by trail grooming equipment. There are two sets of tracks next to each other on the trails. The visually- impaired person skis in one set of tracks, the guide skis in the other set alongside the visually impaired skier.

The guide tells the skier about upcoming changes in the direction and level of the tracks, offers instructional tips and suggestions, and tells the skier about the countryside. The skier and guide will decide together how far, how long, and on what kind of terrain they will ski.



If you are interested in becoming a hiking guide or a participant in the Ski for Light program, please visit the applications page.

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